Bridging Arts

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Our second week in Tooting

A hot afternoon in Tooting, for the second week of our short summer course there.We're working on our new packs and have a very lively and interesting group. Katherine Eves, Bridging Arts new intern, comes along to help me - and we have extra support from Eppy Evans, a wonderful first year student on the Royal School of Needlework foundation degree course.
We are working on the fish motif and there are lively discussions about its meaning. Abigail Sofourote points out that the fish is not only a symbol of Christ. Fish also make star appearances in many parts of the New Testament. Christ called his disciples 'Fishers of Men'.  There are at lest two miracles involving fish - the first when Christ (on board a fishing boat) oversees a fantastically prolific catch. The second when he works the miracle of the loaves and the fishes - finding enough to feed five thousand people.
On that note I promise to bring in the fish recipes contributed by other people who have worked the first pack.
Meanwhile, a loyal reader (knowing that I am keen on making bags!) sends over an interesting link to a blog unearthed on the Guardian. Thank you, Katrina!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Thoughts from afar re the embroidery course in Tooting

Today is the first day of our latest Embroidery course at the Furzedown project, Tooting. Am far away at a pie-baking contest by a beautiful lake in Minnesota (more below). But Jessica Aldred of the Royal School of Needlework and Hannah Walker (who designed the packs' brilliant motifs) save the day, with the help of Bridging Arts' new volunteer Katherine Eves. Look forward to hearing all about it next week, when I'm back.
In Minnesota, my daughter and I make a brave effort with our treacle tart, but cannot avoid Burning the pastry edges.
SPOT A tablecloth with some very expert darning by the late mother of my great friend therese, who is organising the contest.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Flour sacks in northern Minnesota

On Holiday in Fergus Falls, northern Minnesota with my daughter. Remember from Previous visits that there are flour sacks that make wonderful tea-towels. And can be embroidered.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Prize-winning embroidered cushion at the Agricultural Show

At Praze Fair Show (in the village near where I was brought up) - a 200-year-old agricultural show where there are often stunning pieces of embroidery in the tent section. This year is no exception. A first prize in the handicraft section won by mrs Rowe.