Bridging Arts

Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Christmas present

The right side....
And the reverse....
A fabulous tablecloth from my daughter, bought in a charity shop in Cheadle Hume (Manchester). Very seasonal colours. Beautiful embroidery - hand embroidered, we think.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Flowers and cakes again

It's the last class - only three sessions this time - and everyone is rather sad. The whole thing has proved a great success. Such enthusiasm.  And so brilliant that people have brought in examples of embroidery, told their stories and started embroidering again - and in one or two cases, embroidered for the first time. We gathered ideas of how to take this work forward: will report back in due course.
There is a clear need to carry on and expand work with older people in the Borough and byond.
The lounge in Trillington House is barely used. Residents are very keen to make new friends. And we've found people in the Borough who struggle to find any craft-based activity offered by Adult Education classes etc.
Flowers again to lift the spirits.And ever more festive cakes and buns from the Co-op, Uxbridge Road.

Goldwork on church vestments

Stella, a pillar of the congregation at Holy Innocents' Church, Dalling Road (less than a mile away), brought in some vestments with exquisite goldwork. Most of the best examples of goldwork in the UK are on ecclesiastical garments. These are really interesting examples of contemporary work and designs.
An ear of corn

Final session at Trillington House

Saba Hammad joined us and brought beautiful handstitched saris and shawls, embroidered and bought in Pakistan.

Nothing to do with sewing - but a good Christmas message

Nothing to do with sewing at all - Christmas celebrations at Notre Dame Refugee Centre. The hymn is in lingala and the gist of it is simple: Step forward to receive your blessing. If you don't step forward, you won't get one.
Whether you're religious or not - that's a pretty good message.

Friday, 10 December 2010

British Asian Style

The book - British Asian Style published by the V&A - resulting from Fashioning Diaspora (a project run by the V&A in collaboration with the Royal Holloway) is now out. Featuring a chapter on the British Sari Story and Stitch. A good review here.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Andrew's fish embroidery

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Trying out Stella's magnifying glass

General agreement that it is a huge help. Arrange to buy a few for next week.

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Eileen joins us from Fulham

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Stella brings her cushions

Beautiful tapestry....
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A festive offering from the Co-op

Festive chocolate buns.
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A good turn out....

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Second embroidery class at Trillington House

Another cold morning - sorbet coloured carnations to match the icy temperatures.
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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tea party on Uxbridge Road

Our first event at Trillington House, Uxbridge Road. This is sheltered accommodation run by Notting Hill Housing (a major London housing trust). We have been hoping for some time to work on embroidery with groups of elderly people in residential homes, and at last we have the chance. It is an icy morning but everyone is in good spirits. We are very fortunate to have Rosa Martyn from the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) to demonstrate some stitches.  And of course Bridging Arts workshop assistant Katherine Eves and volunteer Katrina Williams, who has been a mainstay of the project from the start.
Katherine Eves talking about her new embroidered book, about her Uncle.
Andrew, telling the group his story

Rosa from the Royal School of Needlework, demonstrating crewelwork (embroidery with wool). She is embroidery a Christmas present for her grandmother.   

A break halfway through.
Katherine Eves, an illustration graduate who has cast aside her drawing pen for the needle, shows her latest embroidered book. I show the dress embroidered for me by my mother, for my first birthday. This is a work of art, with a fringe of flowers from Cornwall (where I grew up) around the hem.
 Inspired, Norma and Sylvia go upstairs to fetch some of their own collections.
A needlepoint picture owned by Norma
Tania's crochet