Bridging Arts

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Flowers and cakes again

It's the last class - only three sessions this time - and everyone is rather sad. The whole thing has proved a great success. Such enthusiasm.  And so brilliant that people have brought in examples of embroidery, told their stories and started embroidering again - and in one or two cases, embroidered for the first time. We gathered ideas of how to take this work forward: will report back in due course.
There is a clear need to carry on and expand work with older people in the Borough and byond.
The lounge in Trillington House is barely used. Residents are very keen to make new friends. And we've found people in the Borough who struggle to find any craft-based activity offered by Adult Education classes etc.
Flowers again to lift the spirits.And ever more festive cakes and buns from the Co-op, Uxbridge Road.