Bridging Arts

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lines of tiles and geraniums

At the Midland Hotel, Manchester. Another photo left on the camera and never deleted - taken in mid July and mid summer. Northern colours.

A use for mussel shells

Spotted at Tate Britain. I think it was mentioned (or shown) in background info about a Turner exhibit: mussel shells used by 19th century artists to mix their paints. Try that myself at home.

At a vintage clothing show at Hammersmith Town Hall, see another use for a large shell -as a button holder. The buttons match the mother of pearl.

A button bracelet

Sometimes - too infrequently! -  I meet up on a Saturday morning with Katrina Williams, who has helped out with so many Bridging Arts projects. She always has an embroidery - or needlework - project on the go. On this particular morning she showed me a button bracelet that she'd designed.

China dresses at Alexander McQueen

A brilliant way of using up smashed china. Pasted into a bodice on these dresses at Alexander McQueen. But my guess is that this china was smashed purposefully....A fabulous contrast with the frothed skirt.

Christmas windows in New Bond Street

And.... while we are still ploughing through the 12 days of Christmas... some photos from New Bond Street as everyone was finishing their Christmas shopping.
Dolce & Gabbana's market stall... Everything always looks so much more attractive when lined up neatly...
Just down the street, a rose-studded Christmas pudding.... the flowers squashed together. Somehow reminiscent of the icing sugar ballgown spotted on a cake in a window of a Shepherds Bush baker ....(much earlier this year)
 And finally, to complete a Christmas triptych, a mannequin in the Prada window.  Really like the mix of fabrics and patterns - the silk scarf, the polka dots, the sheer lace skirt. Have a feeling that this is something to do with a sense of impending economic recession - not quite sure why - food for thought.                                                                     

Some things don't travel

 Somehow - I've noticed over the years - some fabrics and patterns don't travel well. Tidying up photos from earlier in the year in my camera again - and come across this photo of a Madrid shop window in blazingly hot June. Fabulous though these shawls are - they don't really travel well. Cannot imagine wearing one in Shepherds Bush... Maybe it's something to do with the light - colours look different in hot climates....And patterns 'fit' the cultural traditions whence they spring, of course.

Looking back at the year

Tidying up the photos on my Blackberry (prior to ditching it when my contract ends shortly...) find pictures of the summer and its patterns (and places)... First - Madrid, in June. A shop window near the Puerta del Sol. It was so hot. Traditional Spain.