Bridging Arts

Monday, 29 October 2012

Loose covers with a twist

Back in London on a Saturday for the first time for months, after many weekends in Cornwall - while having a coffee with a friend, spot these loose covers tacked on to hard and unappealing office chairs in the cafe at the Bush Theatre, Shepherds Bush. Almost Liberty lawn, but not quite. Love the contrast between the corporate chair structure and the familial feel of the fabric - and this effect is easily attainable. Even I could do it!  Tack on the vague shape, then cut roughly before sewing, I imagine.

Of course this is not a durable answer to anything - the fabric is only light weight - nowhere near suitable for upholstery. But that's not the point. Will get to work on a sofa that I have in Cornwall - an ancient Parker Knoll two-seater upholstered in the most depressing fabric ever (consigned temporarily to the shed, out of sight). There is hope for it yet.
Interesting how fabric can soften and personalise to such an extent.