Bridging Arts

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Snow in Minnesota and the embroidery trail continues

In St Paul, Minnesota, to see my great friend Therese. Thought it was cold on leaving London but it wasn't really. Here the temperature has been minus 30 at times and snow is still banked up on the pavements, though now starting to melt as at long last spring is on the way. Immediately see one of Therese's creations - an outside arrangement that has lasted all winter, even surviving being buried under several feet of snow.

We go for a walk with Fiona the dog who doesn't mind the cold. And come across street art.

Poetry on the pavement.

It seems fresh, a breath of fresh air and a surprise. This kind of thing seems to happen best in America.

Tomorrow, we are going out to look at more embroidery.
Think of when the embroidery trail started, summer 2008 in central Spain with another old friend from the States.