Bridging Arts

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Plans for the Meena Bazaar

A meeting with Suraya Sadiq of the Amadiyya mosque, Morden, south London, to discuss plans for the future. Might we hold embroidery classes at the mosque? Suraya suggests that we go along to the Meena Bazaar (Ladies Only) at the mosque on Sunday 14th May. We will display embroidery created by women in the project so far - and see who is interested. Around 5,000 people are expected at the Bazaar. Some of the women in the Asian Women's Group (Wandsworth) attend the mosque. Suraya will ask them to embroider during the day.
I take the work they created for Stitch Wandsworth with me, as Suraya hasn't seen them before.
She finds a cushion of her own which reminds her of a piece worked by Savita of the Asian Women's Group....She explains how this is done with an 'aari' needle.
Savita's embroidery was inspired by a pattern on ecclesiastical robes in Liverpool Cathedral. Interesting how the floral motifs are so similar to the patterns on this cushion.