Bridging Arts

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Jane Austen and embroidery ...

Whizzing through Sense and Sensibility on a sunny weekend in Cornwall. A lot of sewing and embroidery. Had forgotten how incisive, if not caustic, Jane Austen can be. Our heroines arrive in London and are immediately

"put in possession of a very comfortable apartment. It had formerly been Charlotte's and over the mantelpiece still hung a landscape in coloured silks of her performance, in proof of her having spent seven years at a great school in town to some effect."

And later, an intriguing present is given to each of the two Miss Steeles by the unappealing Mrs Dashwood ...
"a needle book, made by some emigrant". 

Will have to find out more. (Picture: The Linley Sisters by Thomas Gainsborough)