Bridging Arts

Friday, 7 January 2011

Boxing not embroidery...

A (possibly)  little-known fact: quite a lot of our embroidery classes this year are funded by Faiths in Action (through Communities and Local Government).
The aim: to bring people of different religions together through a shared interest i.e. embroidery.
Filmmaker Lea Gratch has emailed a link to her short internet film documenting the same process - i.e. bringing different religions together - but through boxing. She films 20-something Jewish and Muslim boys
'going to see a boxing match and having a great time - as Howard Jacobson, Mann Booker Prize Winner this year says:"Most hopeful thing I've seen in years.Young Jews and Muslims laughing and rapping together. Half the time you don't know which is which. Wonderful."'
I love it. Viewable on
(Do not be alarmed by the impression that you need to wait 10 minutes for it to download - you don't.)