Bridging Arts

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Embroidery and a birthday party....

Photos from our latest embroidery workshop in Harrow. Am so sorry not to be able to make these classes myself - but Katherine Eves, who is leading them with Katrina Williams, is keeping me up to date with photos and info.
So many people brought in their embroidery - the photos speak for themselves.... And birthday celebrations, too... a great day by the look of it. I think I glimpse our long-standing and hugely supportive Wendy Benn -recently back from Japan  - in one of the shots!  Katherine reports...

"Everyone's sewing is coming on nicely ...The lady in the jumper is Kiran. I thought we made a good pair.

The lady who made the placemats is called Mosea. She painted them as pictures first and then made them into placemats. The designs are all her own.

It was Sweet's birthday. And she sang You're my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.... which was lovely! I reminded them to bring something in next week. And the lovely lady who looks after them all said she would remind them. I hope they are going to wear their saris!"
(Am very sorry that I missed the singing!)

Birthday celebrations. Wendy Benn - far left

The fish motif, completed. Interesting how everyone adds a personal touch

Kiran and Katherine
And a close-up of Kiran's jumper