Bridging Arts

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Contacting winners, military goldwork and swathes of white fabric

We have shortlisted five winners for the 2009 British Sari Story competition, and during the weekend four gradually pick up their emails and phone messages to get in touch - to hear the news. Am awaiting an email from the fifth - then we can make an announcement. The overall winner will be announced later this year, once our partner in the project, RCKC , has made up the five shortlisted entries (in India).
A grey morning in London. But seriously grand goldwork on the cuff in the window of a military tailor in Mayfair.

En route to the National Gallery pass Dolce and Gabbana. Jeans with a Bollywood sparkle.
At the National Gallery am delighted to find the catalogue of Phantom, an exhibition by Alison Watt two years ago that I really liked. Couldn't afford the catalogue at the time but now it has found its way to the Sale Table.

Have thought a lot about the inspirations to these extraordinary paintings as we've worked on Stitch 
and the British Sari Story. Especially Madame Moitessier's dress (Ingres 1856)
And the folds of fabric in Zurburan's monks' habits - in particular this one, Saint Serapion (1628).

Her own, huge canvases, which she was painting at the National Gallery at the time of the exhibition, are stunning.