Bridging Arts

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Judging the British Sari Story competition, ice in the Alps

Later ... judging the British Sari Story 2009 competition with Amit Rastogi of RCKC in Ealing. Exciting to see so many designs, with so much potential. We have asked for a British Sari and a British way of wearing the sari. We think we spot the winner  - but we have lots of good entries and shortlist five. The overall winner will be announced later this year.  RCKC always seems like a magical place, filled with glorious saris, beading and embroidery  - resplendently vivid and colourful in comparison with Ealing Road, Alperton, and the bus station outside...
In the meantime a blog reader, skiing in the Alps, says ice hangs like lace in the trees.