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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chhaya Biswas embroidery at the Women's Library

Handmade Tales
Women and Domestic Crafts
At the Women's Library
London Metropolitan University
Old Castle Street
E1 7NT
Tel: 020 7320 2222

A great show at the Women's Library, east London, curated by Carol Tulloch who had seen a piece by Chhaya Biswas of Restart 50+ at last year's Knitting and Stitching Show. Chhaya's piece is on show - wonderful!
Carol's aim (in a nutshell) -  to take a look at why women make, not buy. And to show "how domestic craft becomes 'a form of agency' and cultural capital for many women."
Went along with Katherine Eves, keen seamstress (what a word!) who has been helping me throughout the summer. We loved the 40s swimsuit.  The woman who created this couldn't actually sew. She cut out the pieces and her husband stitched them together - excellent team work.
The 40s swimsuit

Chhaya's embroidery
Background ... the swimsuit
Sugar paper captions

A nice touch - an unusual Visitors' Book
Katherine Eves, absorbed ...