Bridging Arts

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Once again, I couldn't make the class at the Asian Women's Resource Centre in Harlesden. And every week it seems to get more interesting. Hannah Walker, who led today's class, sent over some pictures and info. Thank you, Hannah  - what would we do without you?
"This week students brought in pieces of their own needlework. Khalima brought in a bedspread that she had embroidered with wool, a needlework technique known as Crewelwork. Her seventeen-year-old daughter who studies art and design at college designed the flower and vase motifs. 
"Pearla brought in examples of her knitting and crochet work that included a long knitted scarf, two beanie hats and a crocheted rug sampler made of wicker twine. From the sampler she plans to make a large rug for relatives living in the Caribbean. Using the same material will mean the rug will be ideal for higher climates where rugs need to feel cooler under the foot than ones made of thick rug wool.

"Pearla also brought in a very small baby’s cardigan that she crocheted in bright yellow wool. She kindly gave this to Eleanor, a student in our class who is pregnant.

"At only three weeks into the course two very keen students, Kunsum and Chanchal, have finished their exhibition embroidery – a piece we are asking every student to complete using their own design.  They have both produced a beautiful motif embroidered in the stitches we covered during weeks one and two: stem stitch; running stitch; chain stitch; French knots; sequin embellishment."