Bridging Arts

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Paint and embroidery

A good tip from What's She Like?  - Michael Raedecker exhibition at Hauser and Wirth on Piccadilly features huge canvases sewn together and thick white paint...
"Best known for his subtle and unsettling, enigmatic works combining muted tones of paint and embroidery, Raedecker’s paintings explore and push the boundaries of his medium. He goes beyond conventional methods of representing formal elements such as texture and perspective. Through his layering of thread, paint and small, yet aggressive punctures to his canvas, Raedecker imparts an unexpected physicality to his two-dimensional works." Hauser and Wirth press release

Hauser and Wirth is such a strange place  (once a bank - in the basement you can still see the safe) and has interesting exhibitions. And the last one I saw, too, in the summer had a fabric theme. It backs on to Jermyn Street with its many gentlemen's outfitters and tailors....

I like white paintings. Something about photos of the Raedecker work reminds me of Cy Twombley (above - though of course no embroidery involved there..).  But need to go and see them to be sure. Open until 5 April 2012.