Bridging Arts

Monday, 19 September 2011

An outing to Jermyn Street - continued

Had embarked on this a few days ago - but was thwarted by a slow internet connection. Now in west Cornwall, with a brand new connection (the line was struck by lightning in August and only just reconnected), things are a bit easier. Above - the tiemaker. As with the shirt cutter (see last entry), the startling thing about this work is its precision at such speed.
The whole street is a self-styled tribute to traditional London.

Another view of London comes just down the road on Piccadilly at Hauser and Wirth (art gallery). The artist has filled the space with huge structures, curiously swathed in fabric, to mimic the architectural crowding, structures and spaces of urban London outside. The artist: Phyllida Barlow.

A loft space filled with balls of rags...  Two very different treatments and use of fabric on a London afternoon. In the gallery textiles perhaps give a (slightly) human dimension.