Bridging Arts

Monday, 12 September 2011

An outing and inspiration

Well over a month since the last posting. I have been in the doldrums. But loyal Bridging Arts volunteer and friend Katrina Williams has energised me. She's been helping with the sewing circle at Notre Dame Refugee Centre (where I work for three days a week) and really shown how embroidery and needlework can bring people together. Very impressive - and more on that another time.
But a result was that I set off yesterday for an outing on Jermyn Street with a keener eye for patterns and place.
Immediately spotted a Persian rug in a shop on Piccadilly which looked so much like a fantastically cheaper (£20) version I bought the other week in Shepherds Bush market when spring-cleaning my son's bedroom. Would show a picture of the market buy but slumbering party goers are sleeping in the bedroom - a photo later.

The colouring is the same. The key thing is the pale background which somehow looks expensive.

No doubt this rug is silk. My market version is 'man-made' silk....

An interesting book in the window.

And then to Jermyn Street where there is so much activity - and skill.
A shirt maker

Working at such speed! Unlike my Broadband connection this morning.
More later.