Bridging Arts

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Don't Know: the weave of textile language

I don't know either - actually - having seen Richard Tuttle's textile sculpture at Tate Modern this weekend.
I had been lured there by the wonderful photo (above) in the London Review of Books.
But in fact just saw this (below) which felt dismal, I don't know why - perhaps my mood. Conveyed in the title 'I Don't Know ...." is the idea that textile sculpture can have its own life. It changes as it is draped: presents differently in different spaces. In one sense this is exciting - in another meaningless (or that is what I felt on Saturday).
The loops of the fabric reflected the arches of the suspension bridge outside.
Was much happier at Fenwick where this Marc Jacob scarf cheered me up.
As did this dress. Simply because the print on the fabric reminded me of spring - Japan - cherry blossom and exquisite birds. Pure escapism.