Bridging Arts

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The big thaw, finding an old friend, making new contacts

The snow is, at last, beginning to thaw. From John Bett's House (sheltered housing run by a charity in Hammersmith and Fulham) you can see people walking with umbrellas on the pavement. The residents are relieved that the ice is melting.
Have gone to talk about Stitch and to gauge interest in embroidery demonstrations - and possibly classes.
But the highlight of the morning is meeting an old friend, Stella, who I  have not had a chance to talk to properly for years. Had not realised that she had moved from her old house. Her new flat is full of embroidery she has collected over the years. Cushions arrayed on the sofa with a variety of histories.....     A tapestry kit bought at a French stately home some years ago...                                                                                          

A cushion won at a Royal School of Needlework raffle

Another bought in Austria, with eidelweiss in each corner

Embroidered and beaded cushions bought in Malta when visiting her sister

A tapestry of a canal scene, worked by her sister. 
 The star of the show (not pictured) is one of Stella's most prized possessions. A Christmas bauble worked by Ruth Chamberlin, who lives in Rutland. Exquisite gold work, beading and applique - the star of Bethlehem and the Rose of Sharon.  Ruth Chamberlin is going to embroider the new vestments at Holy Innocents' Church, Hammersmith, which is where I met Stella.