Bridging Arts

Friday, 22 January 2010

Women and the imagined city

At a lecture at the Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies - meet Gill Rye, Editor of the Journal of Romance Studies. Ask her about Margaret Andrews, who helped inspire the British Sari Story project (the ideas all came together after a seminar on the Imagined City that Margaret organised in spring 2007).
Margaret no longer at the IGRS but copies of the journal on the seminar are still available and Gill very kindly gives me one.
Interested to read Liedeka Plate and Ells Rommes' paper on the ways people negotiate cities - and their ideas of  what the city is.  They talk about the things carry in their bags. This is what got me thinking about I Packed This Myself and the idea of travelling suitcases reflecting the background of migrant workers.

"The things we do or do not carry with us - money, bus tickets, condoms, something to eat, nappies, a pocket-knofe, a map, a camera - all these things attest as much to who we are and how we identify ourselves as to what we think we may need in negotiating the city..."