Bridging Arts

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Back in Harlesden and a discussion about fish

Our second class went - dare I say - swimmingly?! at the Asian Women's Resource Centre in Harlesden this week. Hannah Walker led discussions on the fish motif she so brilliantly designed. I sadly couldn't be there, but Hannah has updated me.

"For the blog I asked the class for their fish stories/recipes and the following ladies had something to contribute:

Sheila told me that it's said if a person dreams of fish it means that either they or someone they know is pregnant. As to the origins, she says it could be Carribean as it's quite a common understanding in her culture.

Rivka is Jewish and knows a tale as to the origins of Fish and Chips. In East London there were two neighboring stall owners, one Jewish selling fried fish, the other Irish selling chips. Eventually they decided to join their businesses and sell fish and chips together, which improved their takings. Rivka read this story in a cookery book by Claudia Rodent.

Marina is Brazilian and according to her Catholic tradition, eats fish on Fridays. For Catholics this is also the case over the Easter period when no meat can be eaten but fish is allowed. She also says that the association between fish and Fridays is popular in Brazil and one can find many people there who will follow this eating trend." 
More next week....