Bridging Arts

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New embroidery at the Furzedown Project, Tooting

A beautiful day. I am held up in traffic in Tooting and Katherine (Eves, Bridging Arts intern) takes advantage of the sunshine to get down to a little sewing while she's waiting...

We're at the Furzedown project to display the embroidery created at recent classes. There is a fine display.

Amtul has written a message.

Hyacinthe Quamina has embroidered Spanish needles, a flower she remembers from her childhood in British Guyana.

Abigail's exhibition piece; she has carefully hemmed this as well as all the other embroidery she created in the class. All on display at the Furzedown Project, Tooting, for the next few weeks.

Later we have a bit of a panic as we realise that we are short of embroidery hoops for tomorrow's class. I stop off at John Lewis on my way into town to my Arabic class. But they are out of stock and have been for some weeks. As is Liberty's. However, there is a very charming embroidered bag on the haberdashery floor.