Bridging Arts

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rain, Harlesden and our first interfaith embroidery class

What a change of weather. Harlesden is very, very wet.
 We're running our first embroidery class, funded by Faiths in Action (through Communities and Local Government), at the Asian Women's Resource Centre. I've worked with the AWRC for some time. Meherun Ahmed has become a good friend. These classes run from 11am to 1pm on Thursdays from now until the end of November. We're lucky enough to have funding for Royal School of Needlework tutors, our own Hannah Walker (who designed the packs) as a co-ordinator, a creche and a cook for a lunch club. I'm sorry that I have to miss the lunch club (as usually the food is delicious).
But by the time I leave, things are well underway. Some of the women in this class are very skilled and quick embroiderers.
 We have a discussion about the fish motif that people are working. It was designed by Hannah and chosen as it has significance in Christianity (as a symbol of Christ) and in cultures in south Asia.
Meherun points out that it is always first on the menu at weddings in Bangladesh - an indication of good things to follow (on the table and in the marriage, presumably).
The idea of these classes is that women of different faiths make new friendships via the shared interest of embroidery. By the way - men are not allowed in the AWRC.