Bridging Arts

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Another suggestion....

Another reader, this time someone who has followed the project (almost) from start to finish and been a HUGE help, has suggested a good blog to follow ....Lazy Girl Designs
This reader is a keen and enterprising needlewoman who has inspired me to make cloth bags to carry around exhibitions more easily ....mannequins, embroidery, signage boards and sewing packs. An amazingly simple, but brilliant idea. Hopefully this will change my life (though the only fabric available to use was material left over from a sewing project many years ago involving unpopular curtains for my then 14-year-old son's bedroom.... The pattern had far too many cute dragonflies and ladybirds for his taste - and mine had I noticed when I bought it at a knock-down price at Shepherds Bush market.)
However as bags, they work.