Bridging Arts

Friday, 27 November 2009

Top chef's embroidered landscapes

Glynn Christian (second left), Britain's first tv chef and now a historical novelist, is taking part in the classes and very kindly brought along his extraordinary collection of embroidered landscapes. They have been collected over the decades, bought in markets and junk shops.
"Though I'm a writer, I'm useless with my hands I can't do this kind of thing, but I so admire people who can," he said. "They were not only stitched by people but designed by them."

This embroidery is mostly on linen or canvas. There are so many beautiful pieces that I cannot display on the blog - so have created web gallery for them on the Bridging Arts site. Everyone was carried away by this embroidery. I am inspired to embroider a landscape myself this Christmas. Thank you, Glynn.