Bridging Arts

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Chinese steamed cod from Lam Moy

As promised ... a series of fish recipes contributed by the embroidery class will follow. To kick off - Chinese steamed cod from Lam Moy who is one of the dedicated embroiderers continuing to meet on Thursdays at York Gardens Library, even after the formal classes have finished a spontaneous sewing circle. Left: Lam with Maureen Markham, who kindly came to give a demonstration to launch the exhibition at York Gardens Library.
Chinese steamed cod

Ginger – shredded
Chinese mushrooms (or other) – sliced
Spring onions – shredded
Soya sauce – Light
Sesame oil – dash
Strips of Carrot – for garnish

Steam the cod, ginger, mushrooms, soya sauce and sesame oil.
Add spring onions before serving and decorate with strips of carrot before serving

Serve with rice.