Bridging Arts

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Images and history

A highlight of the embroidery classes is course leader Hannah Walker's work on related images and history. While researching kantha (Bangladeshi quilted embroidery pictures above) she discovered a piece of trapunto (quilted) embroidery at the V&A, made in Sicily in the 14th century. There are 14 scenes of Tristan and Iseult's ill-fated love.
"Although in subtle shades, the large scale designs are very clear and the quilt must have looked particularly impressive by candlelight, with lively scenes of battles, ships and castles," says the V&A.

Great embroidery and a great story. And a link to recent experience. In Cornwall a few days ago I had a meeting at a school near Malpas, where in the legend Tristan (pretending to be a beggar) carried Iseut on his back across the ford. The crossing in fading light.