Bridging Arts

Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Christmas party and more medical stitching

Meet artist Christine Warrington at a Brent artists' party in Willesden Green  - after far too many months!  Christine created work on old age for the Heritage Lottery funded project A Stitch in Time - Bridging Arts worked on this with the Gallery at Willesden Green. She is a nurse and, like our medical blog reader of a few days ago, view stitches in another (non fabric) context. She coincidentally spends much time with a very much older friend, Rose, making her acutely aware of mortality. She stitched pieces of rough muslin together, enclosing images that reminded her of age, time passing, and Rose.

The tireless Lorenzo Belenguer, who runs the Gallery at Willesden Green, says that people often mention the project. Women involved liked sewing together. The camaraderie and the companionship were important. Moments two women who took part suggest that we have a Stitch in Time reunion. More sewing circles? For the New Year....